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2016 Submissions

Poison 2.0 Heavy Metal Song
A Beautiful Lie - Cover Song Pop Song
Wake Up Heavy Metal Song
Life is Broken Heavy Metal Song
Deliver Heavy Metal Song

2015 Submissions

Passed the Lens Industrial Song

2014 Submissions

Sacrifice Heavy Metal Song
Make a Play Industrial Song
Rollercoaster Industrial Song
Belong Industrial Song
Interlude of the Void Industrial Song
Falling Down Cinematic Song
Left Behind Industrial Song
I Want Them Industrial Song
Believe General Rock Song
Vile Heavy Metal Song
Missing New Wave Song
Fighting For The LIght New Wave Song
Pitch Black Heavy Metal Song

2013 Submissions

Low Heavy Metal Song
The End Heavy Metal Song
Eventuality Heavy Metal Song
Fuck This Place Heavy Metal Song
A Thousand Lives Industrial Song
Push Me Back to Hell Industrial Song
Come to Pass Industrial Song
Murder Me Industrial Song

2012 Submissions

Torn to Bliss Dubstep Song
Medicated Insanity Video Game Song
Worthless (IP) Heavy Metal Song
Babydoll General Rock Song
Clouded Pools General Rock Song
Losing My Religion (IP) Cover General Rock Song
Falling Into (IP) Goth Song
Crack Me Open Rough (IP) Goth Song
Hell (Xenolyth) Heavy Metal Song
Closer (NIN cover) Heavy Metal Song
For You (Heavens Fall) Heavy Metal Song
Treaty of Peace (Heavens Fall) Heavy Metal Song
Andre's Anime Demo 2009 Voice Demo Loop

2008 Submissions

Ego Enduced Coma Ambient Song
Silent Wish Video Game Song
March of Rebirth Video Game Song
Plagued Remembrance Industrial Song
White Noise Debri Ambient Song
Cloud 152 Industrial Song